Thai Stock Market Roundup May 15, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on May 15, 2019.

SET closed at 1,621.27 points, plunged 12.57 points or 0.77% with a trading value of THB 49.8 billion. The decline was due to the average of financial statements appeared to be lower than investors had anticipated. Commerce sector declined 1.68 points while Electronic Components sector dipped 0.37 point.

Proprietary Trading and Foreign Investors escaped the Thai equity market with a THB 2 billion selloff.

JKN asserted a 20% growth in revenue in 2019.

TRUE planned to dispose THB 15 billion of assets to DIF, expecting completion in August.

BA’s 1Q19 profit fell 29% mainly due to record lower revenue while expenses increase.

– A high jump in 1Q19 sales revenue skyrocketed EVER’s profit to THB 402 million.

BEM reached an all-time high at ฿11.50 after winning a dispute with EXAT, booking THB 8 billion.

EXAT extended 30-Year expressway concession for BEM to settle THB 130 billion dispute.

– Growth from sales and services buoyed PTG’s 1Q19 profit 93% to THB 519 million.

SIRI’s profit grew 32% in 1Q19 mainly due to an increase in sales revenue.

AH’s profit in 1Q19 fell 45% to THB 216.57 million from the plummet of its subsidiary “SGAH”.

BJC’s 1Q19 profit grew slightly to THB 1.50 billion.

– Cost and service plunged TVD’s 1Q19 profit to THB 5.85 million.

CHOW lowered cost and service, making its 1Q19 profit to record at THB 8.82 million.

ANAN’s profit in 1Q19 grew 60% from a higher profit of JV companies while the cost was reduced.

SABINA announced a 20% growth of profit in 1Q19.

OSP booked THB 888.26 million of profit in 1Q19, increased 13%.

MK’s 1Q19 profit grew 186% to THB 127.61 million due to an increase in revenue and lower cost.

PLANB revealed an 11% increase in profit in 1Q19.

ROJNA’s 1Q19 profit soared 170% to THB 412 million.

– An increase in cost and expenses caused EPCO’s 1Q19 profit to decline by 69% to THB 47 million.

CK recorded a net profit o THBf 355.47 million mainly due to higher revenue.

STEC’s 1Q19 profit grew 18% to THB 343 million.

ITD’s 1Q19 profit fell 58.44% to THB 21.76 million.