16 Securities to be Entered Temporary Trading in July! EARTH-IFEC’s Complaint in Vain!

On June 20, 2019, SET announces the list of securities which are eligible for temporary trading during July 1 – 31, 2019, consisting of 16 companies: A5, BLISS, BUI, CHUO, EARTH, GSTEL, IFEC, KC, KTECH, NBC, NMG, POLAR, PRO, STHAI, TSF, and WR which have been suspended by posting SP (Suspension) signs longer than three-month period consecutively and have never been allowed trading since SET has posted SP signs.


SET will allow trading of such securities during July 1 – 31, 2019 under the following regulations and conditions;

  1. The investors are required to purchase such securities through cash balance account which means that the investors have to pay the full amount in cash prior to purchasing.
  2. NC sign will be posted during such trading period in order to alert investors to be careful in trading securities.
  3. Since there is no trading on such securities for a period of time, SET will not specify the Ceiling and Floor prices of securities on the first trading day (July 1, 2019) in order to allow securities to be traded under actual conditions.
  4. These securities will not be included in SET Index and mai Index calculation.


At the end of temporary trading (from August 1, 2019 onwards), SET will suspend trading on these securities by posting SP signs until the listed companies will completely repossess the qualifications in order to resume trading or in case that the companies are unable to do so within specified deadline, SET may consider delisting the companies’ securities from the Exchange accordingly.

Since such companies have been suspended by posting SP signs for a period of time, SET requests the investors to carefully study companies’ information before making decision on trading securities such as financial position, operating results, type of auditors’ reports, major shareholders, board of directors, historical news as well as risks and other related factors.

In addition, in order to provide service for the investors to access information, SET preliminary summarizes information of the latest financial statements together with types of auditors’ reports and the latest annual registration statements (Form 56-1) that the companies disclosed via SET’s disclosure system. The investors can study the companies’ key information through the links in the following table.