EARTH Plunges 44% on First Trading Day Before Delisting on September 19!

EARTH Plunges 44% on First Trading Day Before Delisting on September 19!

The share price of Energy Earth Public Company Limited (EARTH) sank as much as 43.75% during the first trading day of the 7 days measurement before getting delisted by SET due to the company’s failure to submit the financial statements within the specified deadline.

SET allows EARTH to return to be traded in the market during September 11-19 before delisting in which the share price plunged to ฿0.32/share, the lowest as of 11:11 on September 11 with a trading value of 53.2 million baht. EARTH was last traded at ฿0.46/share on the last day of temporary trading measurement on July 31, 2019.


The trading before delisting will be convened under the following regulations and conditions;

  1. The investors are required to purchase such securities through cash balance account which means that the investors have to pay the full amount in cash prior to purchasing.
  2. NC sign will remain to post during such trading period in order to remind the investors to be careful in trading securities.
  3. SET will not specify the Ceiling and Floor prices of securities on the first trading day (September 11, 2019) in order to allow securities to be traded under actual market conditions.
  4. These securities will not be included in the SET Index calculation.


After the end of the trading period, September 19, 2019, SET will delist the common shares of EARTH from listed securities, effective from September 20, 2019 onwards.

However, for warrants to purchase new ordinary shares of EARTH No.4 (EARTH-W4), which the last exercise date is on September 13, 2019 and will be delisted from being listed securities on September 14, 2019, SET will post an SP sign to suspend trading on EARTH-W4 until September 13, 2019 and will not allow trading on EARTH-W4 during such period.

As a result, SET has advised investors to carefully study the company’s information such as financial positions, operating results, type of auditor’s report, historical news as well as risks and other related factors.

In addition, in order to provide service for the investors to access information, SET preliminary summarizes information of the latest financial statements together with type of auditor’s report and the latest annual registration statement (Form 56-1) that the company disclosed via SET’s disclosure system. The investors can study the company’s key information through the links in the table below.