Investors Scoop JAS at a Lower Price, Jumping 8% after Hitting the Floor Last Friday!

Investors Scoop JAS at a Lower Price, Jumping Near 8% after Hitting the Floor Last Friday.

The share price of Jasmine International Public Company Limited (JAS) closed the morning session on November 4, 2019 with a surge of ฿0.34/share or 7.76% to trade at ฿4.72/share with a trading value of 3,837 million baht. The share prices rebounded from a plummet of 29.92% on the previous trading session due to a forced sell of the block trade.


Moreover, JAS also made a statement in the morning, denied the news reported from various media by stating that JAS still operates its businesses as usual, currently placing emphasis on its FTTx service expansion and business enhancement whereby Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited (TTTBB) has entered into the “IPTV Consultancy Service Agreement” with KT Corporation (KT).

According to the Agreement, KT, as technology partner and strategic consultant, shall provide TTTBB with advice on IPTV and premium streaming services for the success of delivering a variety of entertainments directly to the customers.

Apart from these, 3BB has recently launched the “Smart Mesh WiFi” service, a new package that provides users with more WiFi coverage at home and a special function for game-playing management. In addition, now 3BB customers can increase their internet speed free of charge through 3BB App.


Regarding entering into the transactions with Jasmine Broadband Internet Infrastructure Fund (JASIF), the Company has taken all its steps of work according to the plan. To this regard, the Company shall subscribe for JASIF investment units during the period from 7-13 November 2019, as scheduled by BBL Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Lastly, JAS stated in the announcement that the company has no interest in joining the 5G auction at all.