6 Oil Refineries to Invest ฿50bn for Euro 5 Standard before Deadline on 2024

6 oil refineries will invest 50 billion baht to upgrade diesel products to meet the Euro 5 standard.

Nantika Thangsuphanich, Director of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, spoke on the progress of upgrading diesel products to meet the Euro 5 standard of 6 oil refineries; Thai Oil Plc. (TOP), PTT Global Chemical Plc. (PTTGC), ESSO (Thailand) Plc. (ESSO), IRPC Plc. (IRPC), and Star Petroleum Refining Plc. (SPRC), that the process requests a total investment of 50 billion baht.

Regarding the oil production cost that might affect from upgrading to Euro 5 standard, the Energy Policy and Planning Office, Ministry of Energy is in the process of discussing with the refineries as the cost might different which depend on its refineries quality.  And the Office will respond for study those cost issues.   

Nantika said that at the present there are 3 oil refineries; PTTGC, TOP and Bangchak Corporation Plc. (BCP) that could produce oil upon Euro 5 standard. “However, the measure of reducing pollution, the PM 2.5, has spurred the policy of consuming diesel B10 and B20 which can decrease the pollution 20 – 25%” She added. 

The mandatory upgrade from Euro 4 to Euro 5 standard is set to deadline on 2024.