Thai Stock Market Roundup February 26, 2020

A short summary to inform investors of what had happened in the Thai stock market on February 26, 2020.

SET closed at 1,366.41 points, decreased 72.69 points or 5.05% with a trading value of 93.1 billion baht. The analyst stated that the SET Index fell more than regional markets due to panic over the spreading of coronavirus after some citizens concealed the information of infection while attending to the hospital, raising alarm to people as well as the stock market.

The analyst believed that the market will continue to fluctuate, setting a support level at 1,350-1,330 points and a resistance level at 1,400 points.

Local Institutions plunged SET to its 4-year low with a net sell of 4.5 billion baht, while Foreign Investors made a net sell of 833 million baht to seek safer assets.

THCOM de-orbited “Thaicom 5”, ฿222mn of impairment already fully booked in 2019.

PSTC reported an outstanding growth of 36 folds to book a net profit in 2019 at ฿3.1bn.

AAV reported a net loss of ฿474mn due to a loss before finance cost and income tax.

GLOBAL’s 2019 net profit remained at ฿2bn, offered both stock and cash dividend.

SAWAD’s 2019 net profit jumped 35% to ฿3.7bn, offered a dividend at ฿1.80/share.

BFIT recorded a skyrocket profit of ฿811mn, offered a dividend at ฿2.25/share.

HMPRO booked a 2019 profit of ฿6.18bn, up by 10% YoY while approving a dividend payment at ฿0.21/share.

– Higher revenue in 2019 buoyed ALL’s profit by 46% to 500 million baht, offered cash and stock dividend payment.

MCOT reported an increased net loss of ฿457mn while abstaining from paying a dividend.

HUMAN’s 2019 profit increased by 21% to ฿147mn, offered a dividend at ฿0.12/share.

GUNKUL’s 2019 profit doubled to book a record of ฿2.15bn, offered a dividend at ฿0.136/share.

SISB’s profit jumped 113% as the number of students increased, targeting 15% of revenue growth in 2020.

TPLAS’s profit in 2019 surged by 40% to ฿33mn, offered a dividend at ฿0.1/share.

CMC’s profit tumbled 89% to ฿24mn, offered a dividend at ฿0.025/share.

SAMART reversed from a loss to book a profit of ฿426mn, offering a dividend at ฿0.15/share.

TFG reported a profit of ฿1.4bn to soar by 123%, offering a dividend at ฿0.055/share.

BEAUTY offered ฿0.036 dividend amid lower profit in 2019, “Suwin” to handle COVID-19.

SAMTEL’s profit rose 28% to ฿451mn while approving a dividend at ฿0.52/share.

WORK recorded a profit of ฿160mn, lowers by 54%, but still offering a dividend at ฿0.3/share.

AMANAH’s 2019 net profit jumped 51% to ฿248mn.

– Stocks in Focus on February 26, 2020: SISB (Finansia Syrus Securities TP at 12.00/share) and ERW (Maybank Kim Eng TP at ฿13.20/share).


Top 10 Most Impact Shares on February 26, 2020