Kaohoon’s Top News on September 9, 2020

Top news from Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper to start the trading day on September 9, 2020.

– Analysts recommended “BUY” JASIF and DIF for their high dividend yield as a safe investment during a fluctuation in the market and a low interest rate, while the funds yield a return of 6.6-9.6% and without fluctuation and the impact of an economic slowdown.

– The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is expected to lift the temporary measures that limit short selling regulations as well as the ceiling and floor prices that were introduced back in April to curb the impact from the coronavirus outbreak. The measures are expected to be lifted at the end of September, but could be extended if SET sees higher volatility or fluctuation.

CGD expected to turnaround and book a profit this year in response to the backlog over 12,000 million baht with two more projects to commence by year ends.

– A cornered “Nop Narongdej” used Golden Music Ltd to file a petition to the court to detain “Pradej Kitti-itsaranon”’s shares in WEH in hopes to restrain Mr. Pradej’s rights to vote in the upcoming shareholder’s meeting on September 10, which aims to remove Mr. Nop from the position in WEH.

– Investors made a selloff in CPF in yesterday’s session, plunged the share price by 6.30% due to the concern of a possibility for the company to inject a capital increase if CPALL decided to issue one to support its acquisition in Tesco. Moreover, the swine price in Vietnam also had a tendency to drop lower as well.

SCM closed its first trading day at ฿2.46/share, increased ฿0.56/share or 29.47% with a trading value of 1,312 million baht, showing confidence from investors in the company. SCM’s directors affirmed of continuing the business expansion as planned to further its business in the future.