DTAC: Tripping Over Its Own Feet

DTAC: Tripping Over Its Own Feet

Yesterday (Dec 16) was the first day for the 2nd phase of the government’s 50-50 payment scheme application, which was limited for only 5 million people, the registration opened at 6:00 am, however, the users of Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or DTAC faced the mobile operation outage, causing them were unable to receive the OTP.


The question over DTAC’s efficacy has been raised shortly after the incident, together with the hype among DTAC’s customers to change the mobile network.           


Even though DTAC has announced compensation for whoever is affected by yesterday’s system error by offering services or mobile packages discount, it is still a hot topic on social media. The following question is how will DTAC remedy the co-payment campaign, as it is already fully subscripted. 


Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (ADVANC) and True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE) have taken advantage from DTAC’s incident by repeatedly repromoting their move-to-new-operator promotion.   


AIS launches various Move to AIS packages such as changing the network with the same mobile number easily via online platform, offering both postpaid and top-up. Meanwhile TRUE presents the promotion, for example, the package that will roll over unused  data to valid over the following month.


However, this was not the first time DTAC slipped, as of prior, DTAC has rejected to join 4G bidding, causing many customers to flee away and losing its second-major mobile network operator to TRUE.      


The history might repeat itself again..? Well, let’s keep eyes on.