DELTA Plunges 13% on the 1st Day of Cash Balance Trade

DELTA Plunges 13% on the 1st Day of Cash Balance Trade

The share price of Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited (DELTA) in the morning session on January 6, 2020 was closed at ฿572.00/share, a drastic drop of ฿84.00/share or 12.8%, with a trading value of 1,165 million baht, after the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) imposed a “Cash Balance”.


SET has enforced a “Cash Balance” measure on DELTA starting Jan 6, 2021 until Jan 26, 2021.


Following the unusual movement of price yesterday (Jan 5), DELTA made a statement according to the queries from SET, regarding the substantial change in the price and volume of the shares, DELTA addressed that there is not any development or material information that is still in process of consideration and may disclose to SET in the near future, for example, capital increase, joint venture, acquisition or disposition of assets or significant dispute which may affect an unusual trading pattern.


In addition, if there is any further significant information, DELTA would inform SET as required by relevant rules and regulations.