Kaohoon’s Top News on January 14, 2021

JAS stated that the company is preparing to send its subsidiary JSTC to negotiate with NT to settle the dispute on the settlement of revenue sharing under the joint venture agreement of the submarine cable network project that has been prolonged for more than 10 years. The negotiation was expected to conclude within 2Q21 and to record cash with interest over Bt4.5bn.

SCGP closed the deal with Go-Pak to penetrate the food packaging market in the UK, Europe and North America, while enhancing its ability to offer multiple solutions. The business is ready to expand to ASEAN market. Meanwhile, SCGP will start to recognize Go-Pak’s income from Jan 2021 onward.

JMT is expected to benefit from BOT’s debt relief measures. The consensus raised JMT’s target price to ฿40.00/share in response to the positive momentum in the cyclical debt management business, and its 4Q20 earnings were forecasted to make another new high. Meanwhile, SCB would be benefited from the remedial of the property sector.

AUCT asserted that the auction would continue as usual through an online channel with constant increase, while the company has a high volume of vehicles waiting for an auction. The analyst expected AUCT to report 109 million baht of net profit in 4Q20, an increase of 47.29%, which would boost its net profit for the whole year to 271 million baht, giving a target price at ฿13.60/share.

ACE signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Klong Khlung Power Plant with 20 MW of installed capacity and a chance to sign PPA with the remaining 3 SPP Hybrid projects with a total capacity of 73 MW, as well as aiming to bid for the community power plant and community waste power plant.