Kaohoon’s Top News on February 15, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on February 15, 2021.

– OR ended its first trading day by delivering a valuation of 340 billion baht, breaking a SET record as stock with the highest trading volume of 47 billion baht, to become the eleventh-most-valuable company in Thai stock exchange. Expecting to begin trading on SET50 on Feb 17, followed by FTSE index on Feb 19-20 and MSCI index in early March, 2021. Meanwhile, OR budgeted 74 billion baht for the five-year plan to focus on non-oil businesses.


– GPSC reported a 2020 earnings of 7,508 million baht, an increase of 85% YoY, mainly driven by an outstanding full-year recognition from GLOW and a lower average natural gas and coal price, as well as lower financing costs. Meanwhile, the RDF Power Plant project construction progress has reached 95.4% which is on schedule for COD in 2Q21. The Board has approved a dividend payment of ฿1.00/share.


– KTC acquired 75% stake in “Krungthai Leasing” from KTB at a price per share of 7.92 baht. Suac a transaction will allow KTC to swiftly expand into a comprehensive hire purchase and leasing business. Analyst targeted to revise up KTC’s earnings forecast.  


– JASIF booked a 4Q20 net profit of 2,602 million baht, pushing a full-year earnings to 9,100 million baht. Analyst expected an additional 4Q dividend payment of 0.25 baht per share. Meanwhile, DIF handed out a dividend of 0.2610 baht per share for the 4Q20, the ex-dividend date will be on Feb 23, 2021. 


EPG announced a 3Q20/21 earnings of 433.4 million baht, skyrocketed 103.10% YoY, due to an improving sales volume of “Aeroflex-Eastern Polypack”. While DCC posted an excellent 2020 net profit of 1,586.5 million baht, an increase of 41% YoY as the result of a higher revenue, along with lower financing cost, and also offered a dividend payment of 0.044 baht per share, the ex-dividend date will be on April 5, 2021. 


The Central Administrative Court allowed “MRTA” to withdraw the appeal regarding the Orange Line dispute. Also, MRTA is preparing to file a petition to dispose of the case. Meanwhile, BTS will determine whether to drop the lawsuit this week, also expected to sign an amendment contract for the Pink Line this month before advancing in a 4.2-billion baht extension construction.