“A.JAKA” Appoints “Sinwattana” as Equity Crowdfunding Platform

“A.JAKA” Appoints “Sinwattana” as Equity Crowdfunding Platform.

Ms. Jinthita Chanthasuwannasin, Chief Executive Officer of Jaka Corporation Co., Ltd. (A.JAKA), a leading company in the gaming community as a video games and gaming equipment dealer, revealed the progress on Equity Crowdfunding (ECF), stating that the company has entered into a signing ceremony to appoint a well-known crowdfunding platform “Sinwattana”. The company was honored by Ms. Hong Sin Kwek, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Sinwattana, who co-signed in the ceremony held last week to prepare for crowdfunding in March 2021.


“The company is pleased in appointing “Sinwattana” to be the platform for crowdfunding as Sinwattana is a company guaranteed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), while being the first platform in Thailand that succeed in an online funding through Equity Crowdfunding,” said Ms. Chanthasuwannasin.

“With the succession in funding for many SME companies in Thailand and foreign investors, the company has high confidence that A.JAKA’s funding will receive positive feedback and success, which will allow the company to develop and further gaming business as planned,” she added.


For interested investors in joining the funding for a limitless gaming business such as A.JAKA, please contact [email protected] or (+66)2-233-3723 for more information regarding the funding. For more information regarding Equity Crowdfunding, please visit https://www.sinwattana.com/th