Kaohoon’s Top News on April 12, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on April 12, 2021.

– JKN invested 1,100 million baht in taking over Channel “New 18” from “Jay Daeng – Hetrakul Family” and also accepted the transfer of loans with interest repayment claims under the promissory note amounting to 2,381 million baht from Sang Kij Roong Co., Ltd. While “Jay Anne” expressed the possibility to change the channel name to “JKN 18”, paving the way for the company to create sustainable content-commerce growth. 


– BCH, PR9, THG and EKH are ready to import the coronavirus vaccine after Thai government allowed non-stated hospitals to purchase and import a total of 10 million vaccine doses.


– As new shares of SINGER begin trading today, analysts believe investors will return to speculate on this equity after its value had an upside more than 10% from the target price of 46.00/share and 1Q21 earnings are expected to hit a new high, while full-year net profit would stand out at 637 million baht, an increase of 44% YoY, from an impressive auto loan performance and NPL below 4%.   


– Analysts expected SCC’s 1Q21 net profit of 13 billion baht, a 96% growth YoY, driven by petrochemical business as product spreads and sales volume surged, recommeing “BUY” with a target price of ฿450.00/share. Meanwhile, estimating SCGP’s revenue in 2021 to grow 10% to 100,000 million baht from new investment projects, giving “BUY” recommendation with a target price of ฿53.00/share. 


– PTT hastened to establish a team to cope with Myanmar crises, however, stating that current political instability has no impact on PTTEP’s operations, but the company decided to suspend some investing projects like OR’s gas station and LPG storage. 


– Asia Cab Co., Ltd., together with 4 partners —EA, SCG Chemicals, Summit Auto Body Industry and Microsoft (Thailand)— have signed an MoU for developing the first ever Thailand’s CABB EV taxi.