TRITN Heals the Wounds from Explosion of Chemical Factory in King Kaew, Bangplee District

TRITN heals the wounds from explosion of chemical factory in King Kaew, Bangplee District.

Triton Holding Public Company Limited (TRITN) on Friday, 9 July 2021 has conveyed rice and consumables consisting of 100 bags of Rice and 80 sets of survival bags to Wat Bangplee Yai Nai. The items were received by the Abbot, Bangplee Sub District Chief.  and will be brought to remedy the suffering people from the huge explosion of a chemical factory which had caused extensive damage to surrounding communities within 5-10 km radius in Bang Plee district early Monday (6/7/64) morning.

Until now, some residents who stayed close to the factory still remain in the temple migration area as the authorities announced to avoid the area pending for announcement of all-clear and proper residence in the vicinity. 

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