Covid-19 Shows Signs of Surging Again in U.S. from Lack of Vaccination and Gatherings

The U.S. is seeing an uptick in Covid-19 cases in recent days. Experts pointed out lack of vaccination and 4th of July gatherings.

The coronavirus is showing signs of resurgence in the U.S. due to lower than expected vaccination rates and the highly contagious Delta variant.


Once being one of the world’s most new coronavirus cases per day, having its peak at 260,000 cases a day, the United State of America cut the infection rate down with a wide vaccine rollout from December 2020.

Even though the home country of Covid-19 vaccine failed miserably to reach its target of 20 million people to be vaccinated by the end of 2020, vowed by the soon-to-be President Joe Biden at that time, the country made good vaccination progress in 2021, resulting in 67.8% of adults in the U.S. to receive at least one jab as of July 15, 2021.

By promoting and urging people to get vaccinated to prevent severe hospitalization and death, the U.S. is able to significantly lower its infection rate to around 11,000-12,000 cases per day from mid June to early July.


However, the U.S. is seeing an uptick of new coronavirus cases in recent days that jumped to more than 40,000 cases a day. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), new daily cases in the US have doubled over the past two weeks to an average of about 24,000.

Experts said that the rising cases could be due to the gathering on 4th of July for celebration and the fast-spreading Delta variant. In the meantime, the 67.8% vaccination rate in the U.S. still missed the target of 70% by July 4, 2021.


According to the report, young adults tended to have less urgency in getting the jab than older adults. Meanwhile, anti-vax protests are still popping out here and there.

Three weeks ago in late June, the first post-pandemic Broadway production “Springsteen on Broadway,” was met with a group of protests outside the theater who were not allowed to enter due to a lack of vaccination.

“Unmasked, unvaxxed, unafraid,” “No vax passports,” and “Bruce Springsteen is for segregation on Broadway,” appeared on the holding signs by protesters.


The World Health Organization (WHO) said that Covid infections are rapidly rising again in the U.S. and Latin America as more contagious variants spreaded, which could put the entire region at risk.


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