GULF Acquires 42.25% of Intouch Holdings

GULF to book THB1.67 billion in dividends accumulating its stake in INTUCH to 42.25%.

Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited (GULF) announced by a tender offer from 29 June – 4 August, 2021, the company acquired  a total of 747,874,638 shares in Intouch Holdings Public Company Limited (INTUCH), which is equivalent to 23.32% of the total voting rights.


As of August 4, 2021, GULF holds a total of 1,354,752,952 shares in INTUCH, which is equivalent to 42.25% shareholding stake.

Yesterday, INTUCH announced 2Q21 earnings along with an interim dividend payment of THB 1.23 per share. Based on the total share held by GULF, the company would record THB 1.67 billion as dividend income.

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