AWS Expects a Technical Rebound in the Thai Market, Recomm Strong 3Q Stocks

AWS expected SET Index to recover in a technical rebound manner, while recommending stocks with good 3Q21 results.

Asia Wealth Securities (AWS) expected the SET today to move in a range of 1,515-1,545 points, expecting SET today to recover in a technical rebound manner after adjusting down in response to the SET’s review of the Net Settlement measure and Cash Balance.

However, AWS expected volatility in the SET to persist due to the continually increasing number of infections and severely ill people and risks from changes in U.S. monetary policy (Follow the Fed’s annual meeting 26-28 Aug).

For investment strategy, AWS recommended holding more than 50% cash for short to medium term investors (Invest less than 3 months), and continued to focus on core investments that AWS recommended by choosing stocks that are still expected to have good results in 3Q21, namely TM, SMD, BDMS, CHG, BCH, TU, HANA, KCE, NER, SMPC, SONIC and JWD. For long-term investment, AWS recommended Dividend play stocks (Core Investment chooses stocks with a dividend yield of at least 5%) and DCA stocks.


Core Investment

1) Hospitals stocks (Trading within 1 month) TM, SMD, BCH, BDMS and CHG.

2) WFH stocks (Trading within 1 month) ADVANC, TRUE, TPAC, SCGP, JAS, ITEL, INSET, NETBAY, YGG and AS.

3) Stocks that benefit from Thai baht depreciation (Trading within 1-3 months) ASIAN, TU, HANA, KCE, SAT, AH, PACO, MEGA, NER, EPG, CBG and SMPC.

4) Stocks obtained benefit from export (Trading 1-3 months) APURE, SONIC, JWD, WICE , III and NYT.

5) Stocks with high dividend (Trading more than 6 months) TCAP, TASCO, PSH, TISCO, SPCG, SC, WHAUP, CTW, ORI, RATCH, TVO, TTW and SPALI.

6) Long-term accumulative stocks (DCA) (Long term trading over 1 year) AOT, BEM, ADVANC, WHA, LH, CPALL, CPF, BDMS, HMPRO, KBANK and KKP.

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