RATCH Announces an Achievement in Investing in Kasemrad International Hospital Vientiane

RATCH announced a successful investment in Kasemrad International Hospital Vientiane, Lao PDR

RATCH Group Public Company Limited (RATCH) announced the progress of an investment in Kasemrad International Hospital in Vientiane, Lao PDR. On 26 August 2021, RATCH-Lao Services Company Limited (RL) (the company’s wholly owned indirect subsidiary in Lao PDR) has already paid for the capital increase shares and registered the share transfer of Bangkok Chain International (Lao) Company Limited (BCIL) at 9.91 percent totaling Baht 190 million. 

As a result, BCIL shareholders comprise Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited (BCH) at 68.47 percent, RATCH-Lao ServicesCompany Limited at 9.91 percent and minority shareholders in Lao PDR and Thailand at 21.62 percent. 

Kasemrad International in Vientiane, Lao PDR is a private tertiary hospital, offering a complete range of services with a total of 110 beds in the first phase which will be increased to 254 beds in the second phase. It is expected to begin commercial service on 19 August 2021.

Such investment is in line with the company group’s investment plan, which will generate a new S-curve in Lao PDR and expand into a new stable business with high growth potential and appropriate return on investment. The transaction will also create a business partnership with BCH, which could increase the opportunity to jointly invest in health care and related businesses in the future.

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