Kaohoon Morning Brief – 13 September 2021

Morning brief of major stories since the closing of Thai stock market on 13 September 2021.

1) Apple loses in-app purchase advantage from developers

A Federal Judge issued an injunction indicating that Apple will no longer be allowed to force application developers to use Apple in-app payment system, which is scheduled to take effect on December 9, 2021. The ruling will allow developers to surpass Apple’s commissions around 15-30%.


2) U.S. moves forward to boost EVs with higher tax credits

U.S. Democratic lawmakers proposed an expansion of tax credits for U.S.-made and union-made zero emission electric vehicles, following the U.S. President Joe Biden’s goal to boost EV usage. The tax credit will be upto $12,500 per vehicle, compared to $7,500 incentive for most other EVs.


3) No vaccine passports in England

England expects to ditch vaccine passports for its winter COVID-19 plan. Not the passport for foreign tourists, the plan for this vaccine passports was initially set up for citizens to present vaccination proof to enter nightclubs or participating in crowded events.


4) OPEC likely to revise down 2022 demand growth

OPEC is likely to revise down its 2022 oil demand growth forecast as the spread of the Covid-19 Delta variant may have slowed down the recovery of oil demand, according to the source.

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