A THB1.3 Billion of Profit Taking from Individuals Lead SET Index to Close Slightly Lower

The total value of buying and selling on September 13, 2021, categorized by the investor's type.

SET Index closed at 1,633.76 points, decreased 1.59 points or 0.10% with a trading value of 86.1 billion baht. The analyst stated that moved in sideways trends without positive factors to drive the market and the profit-taking, especially in DELTA, coupled with the FTSE Rebalancing that weighed Thai stocks down.

The analyst expected SET Index to move within a limited range this week in a lack of positive drivers, while estimating that the U.S. inflation, scheduled to be released on Tuesday will come in higher in line with the Fed’s projection.

Moreover, the analyst advised investors to wait for the Fed’s meeting next week, seeing that if the inflation rate in September is at a lower rate, coupled with rising Covid-19 cases in the U.S., the Fed may not be in a hurry for asset tapering.

In addition, the analyst gave a support level for tomorrow’s session at 1,620 points and a resistance level at 1,646 points.

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