Kaohoon’s Top News on September 14, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on September 14, 2021

Ngern Tid Lor (TIDLOR) is expected to achieve the highest profit in the auto title loan group this year, with earnings of 3.1 billion baht, up 30% from a year earlier, owing to its strong base and favorable credit rating. In November, MSCI will add TIDLOR in its index calculation. Additionally, TIDLOR has been approved for a loan by the international finance corporation to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Meanwhile, Srisawad Corporation (SAWAD) maintains a 20% loan growth and a 4-5% NPL rate, showing that there is still room for expansion in auto title loans. SAWAD planned to open an additional 200-300 branches with a 60 million baht investment budget.

A person close to the matter revealed to the Kaohoon Turakij team the business model of National Telecom Plc. (NT), which will allow THCOM to join as a mentor to operate Thaicom 4 and 6 satellites after the concession ends, exceeded expectations because it is unprecedented. The satellite market, in particular, is valued at tens of billions of baht. If the business model is questionable, it will undoubtedly have an effect on approving the insurance.

The share price of TTCL closed 13% higher yesterday (September 13) after acquiring a 2-billion baht waste to energy power plant project in Vietnam. Scope of work is engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. Project period is approximately 24 months. 

T.K.S. Technologies (TKS) signals an outstanding earnings performance in the second half of this year as it begins to generate shared revenue from its investment in SABUY to purchase a 9.68% interest. TKS will gain access to a new customer base in the electronic payments and management of food center systems markets, as well as the opportunity to co-invest in distributing products via vending machines, a business that aligns with the Digital Economy trend and the current shift in consumer behavior.

Heavy speculation over JMART-W5 drove the share price 52.38% higher to 19.20 baht. According to analysts, when the exercise price of 70.00 baht is considered, it is more expensive than JMART on the trading floor, which closed yesterday at 43.75 baht. The first exercise will take place on September 30, and no users are expected. The warrant is valid for four years.

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