AP Thailand Stays Proactive by Launching 5 New Detached Home Projects Worth ฿7Bn

AP Thailand Stays Proactive as Lockdown Is Lifted; Launches 5 New Detached Home Projects Worth in Excess of Bht 7 Billion; Demonstrates 8-Month Sales of Bht 23.3 Billion

AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited (AP) is brimming from its success in achieving sales of Bht 23,300 million over an 8-month period. The property developer’s growth has been buoyed by its single detached home products; sales have recently closed at 6 projects and the firm expects to close sales at another 8 projects by year-end. Reasserting its leadership position in urban detached homes, AP is moving in response to the relaxation of the lockdown by launching an entire line-up of detached home projects worth Bht 7,020 million. 

Looking to serve the demand from clients who were looking for a new home in September, the projects are scattered across high-selling localities. At the head of the line-up, AP is highlighting the return of a highly acclaimed brand in BAAN KLANG KRUNG Sathupradit – Rama 3. This flagship is accompanied by THE CITY Pinklao – Borom 2, THE CITY Ramintra – Wongwaen, CENTRO Vibhavadi and CENTRO Ratchaphruek 345. The HYBRID LIVING home innovations that ‘understands living’ is being implemented to empower every occupant of each home. 

Mr. Ratchayud Nunthachotsophol, Chief Business Group, Single Detached Home, AP (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., said, “A positive recovery signal for real estate business as a whole is starting to become visible after the relaxation of the lockdown. The spread of COVID-19 thus far may have caused a slowdown in decision-making, but we have seen a continuous presence of clients who were looking for a new residential property. Owing to this fact, the company has been able to achieve total sales of Bht 23,300 million over the past 8 months. Bht 12,400 million of this figure came from the sale of single detached homes – a 36% growth over the Bht 9,100 million achieved during the same period of the previous year. The sales growth is considered strong and exceptional when the ongoing market volatility is taken into account.”

The advantages of AP’s single detached homes, aside from the location and price package that suit client demand in each locale, extends to the application of experience and ceaseless improvement of house models under the concept ‘Hybrid Living’. By implementing home innovations that ‘understands living’ and are compatible with the homebody trend brought upon by the New Normal way of life, in each space within a house and in the common area, all single detached home projects of the AP Group are potential best choices for the client. 

This is in accord with the main mission to ‘EMPOWER LIVING’ by delivering good quality of life to customers on their own terms, in this case by addressing the insights of family-oriented clients who are and will be living under the New Normal.

“Over the past 8 months, AP Group’s single detached home projects have seen an average of 385 families per week who scheduled visits to the projects by means of advance reservation online. This warm, continuous reception enabled us to close sales at 6 projects. Highlight projects that generated phenomena of outstanding sales included THE PALAZZO Srinakarin, THE CITY Sathon-Suksawat and CENTRO Maha Chesadbodindranusorn Bridge. In the 4th quarter, it is expected that sales will be able to close at another 8 projects”, added Mr. Ratchayud.

“In order to reinforce our strength, sustain growth and reassert the leadership position for urban single detached homes that are ready to accommodate purchase demands from clients, AP will be launching another 5 new single detached home projects this September. Valued together at Bht 7,020 million baht, the projects will be dissipated among diverse locations where sales have been good, to fill the gap left by existing projects where sales have closed and to increase competitive advantage.  We will also proactively expand our portfolio by making headway in the super luxury segment with the renowned masterpiece-level brand Baan Klang Krung, which will once again be situated in an opulent, city-centre locale”, said Mr. Ratchayud.

 AP’s 5 new single detached home projects that will launch this September – Bht 7,020 million in combined value – include the following: 1) BAAN KLANG KRUNG Sathupradit – Rama 3.  The Bht 400 million project is situated on 2 rai of land and incorporates 3-storey luxury homes under a brand of great acclaim. Highlights include an architectural design that denotes New Normal modernity, and large functional spaces for both personal areas and family areas that thoroughly accommodate living by family members of every age. This offer of privacy in an urban central area – the only one of its kind in the Sathupradit locale – will be entitled to just 13 families at prices from Bht 35 million to Bht 60 million. 

2) THE CITY Pinklao – Borom 2. This Bht 2,060 million project is situated on 48 rai of land and comprises just 105 large, splendid homes that boast modern high-end designs and a large function range.  The double volume ceilings in each home lets the inhabitants enjoy greater airiness.  These homes in the appealing Borommaratchachonnani area can be had for Bht 18.9-29 million. 

3) THE City Ramintra – Wongwaen. Valued at Bht 1,270 million, this project is situated on 34 rai of land and offers 108 luxurious two-storey detached homes priced at Bht 15.99-21 million.

4) CENTRO Vibhavadi.  Sitting on 56 rai of land, the Bht 2,090 million project contains detached homes of modern design whose large areas range between 193 and 274 square metres. Each of the 233 full-function homes comes with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 3 parking spaces. These urban properties on Vibhavadi Rd. are priced Bht 8.99-12 million. 

5) Centro Ratchaphruek 345. Valued at Bht 1,200 million, this property development claims 42 rai of land and offers 187 ‘new concept’ detached homes with a large function range. With 274 square metres of space, each house comes with 4 bedrooms and 3 parking spaces, and is augmented throughout by home automation technology. The properties, with the appeal of having access to a major road, are priced Bht 5.99-12 million.

“Although the situation at present remains extremely challenging, AP is determined to develop and deliver single detached homes at its projects, including the 5 new projects that are launching in September. Under the concept of HYBRID LIVING – home innovations that understand living and answers to the homebody trend where people are homebound due to the COVID-19 situation – the residency of every family member can be empowered.  

Functional spaces respond to the demands of each occupant who share the spaces under the New Normal way of life. Each and every family member’s needs – regardless of age, sex and lifestyle – associated with personal as well as shared spaces are promptly addressed in each of the homes. Safety and convenience are enhanced via the integration of technology in home design as well as in the common area at each development project. 

Lastly, the best project locations were sought and the pricing package was made to be approachable and to hit it off with the demand in each locale. We are therefore confident of achieving exceptional growth as targeted, in both the aspect of sales and that of ownership transfers,” concluded Mr. Ratchayud.

AP’s 5 new detached homes projects – BAAN KLANG KRUNG Sathupradit – Rama 3, THE CITY Pinklao – Borom 2, THE CITY Ramintra – Wongwaen, CENTRO Vibhavadi, and CENTRO Ratchaphruek 345 – are ready for on-site visits. Clients may tour each property project without unease, thanks to reassuring measures that emphasise privacy by means of advance scheduling of the visiting date and time. 

Every AP sales personnel has been vaccinated against COVID-19. Sales offices are open every day, from 9 am to 6 pm, and are subjected to strict cleaning measures and precise visitor protocols.  Register for special privileges and best price offers from each project on www.apthai.com, the AP Thai Home Facebook page, the @APThai Line official account or the official Line account of the respective project.

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