WHAUP Hands Over 5-MW Solar Rooftop Project for AAT, with Aim to Help Lower CO2 Emission

WHAUP hands over 5-MW AAT Solar Rooftop Project for AAT, which will offset 92,500 tons of CO2 emission and save 790 MB electricity cost over 25 years

WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited (WHAUP) handed over the completed solar rooftop project to Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co. Ltd., representing a total power generation capacity of 5 MW. This will help reduce CO2 emissions of over 92,500 tons and save electricity costs by an average of THB 31.6 million per year, or THB 790 million for the next 25 years. Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Niphon Bundechanan announced that WHAUP will continue to expand its solar rooftop projects with the aim to reach 300 MW by 2023.  

Dr. Niphon Bundechanan, Chief Executive Officer of WHAUP, disclosed today that WHAUP and Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  (AAT), a manufacturer of automobiles and automotive parts for Ford and Mazda, situated in Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong), jointly held the official opening ceremony of the 5-MW solar rooftop covering over 45,000 square meters. 

WHA Solar Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of WHAUP, served as the contractor for the entire solar rooftop project, including feasibility studies, design engineering, procurement and construction, license applications, and will oversee operation and maintenance (O&M) for AAT throughout a 10-year period. This turnkey solution and management service started to generate and feed electricity into the factory’s production system last August, reinforcing WHAUP’s expertise in providing comprehensive utilities and energy services to its industrial customers. 

WHAUP’s CEO confirmed his company’s commitment to further develop solar energy. It has already completed 46 out of 63 MW in signed contracts, as part of the 2021 target of 90 MW. WHAUP is confident that it will achieve the completion of 300 MW by the end 2021 as planned. 

During the official opening ceremony, Mr. Kel Kearns, President & CEO of Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (AAT), expressed his company’s commitment to protect the environment as a quality automobile manufacturer. He thanked WHAUP for overseeing this project until completion and delivery. The installation of solar rooftops at AAT’s factory will help the company achieve its goal to reduce electricity consumption and lower production costs for the next 25 years. Electricity cost savings are estimated at an average of THB 31.6 million per year, or THB 790 million for the 25-year period. It will also reduce CO2 emissions by 92,500 tons, in line with the company’s policy to slow global warming and the greenhouse effect.   

AAT is confident in WHAUP’s expertise in the design, engineering, installation, construction and license applications. With a thorough understanding of its customers’ need for high-level safety, WHAUP’s professional team provides comprehensive after-sales services. For AAT, having a good business partner will help bring its capacity and efficiency to the next level. 

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