Thai Stock Market Roundup on October 1, 2021

A brief summary of major changes and significant developments in the Thai stock market on October 1, 2021.

SET Index closed at 1,605.17 points, decreased 0.51% or 0.03% with a trading value of 75 billion baht. The analyst stated that the Thai stock market plunged lower than the 1,600 level, but bounced back to close slightly lower, which was better than other stock markets. The analyst added that the Thai stock market had a short-term downside on the flooding situation, while the government started to ease lockdown measure and baht currency began to slow down.

In addition, the analyst expected SET Index to rebase net week, moving in sideways trends before the 3Q earnings season, giving a support level at 1,590 points and a resistance level at 1,620 points.

– A 2.6 billion baht of net buy from Foreign Investors buoyed SET Index to close slightly lower.

GULF has established a partnership with Sintel to develop data center business, while expecting to expand the business in Asia and other regions in the future. Moreover, the company also announced a COD of 662.5MW 2nd Unit of GSRC power project, expecting all 4 units to fully operate by October 2022.

PTTEP’s new Chief Executive Officer “Montri Rawanchaikul” announced his aspiration to strengthen the core petroleum exploration and production (E&P) business for long-term growth.

– Coal stocks are gaining today (October 1) as coal prices continue to rise to record levels amid energy shortages in China. BANPU increased 4.84%, LANNA rose 3.96% and AGE gained 3.87%.

– Stocks in Focus on October 1, 2021: GULF (Maybank Kim Eng Securities TP at ฿44.00/share) and ADVANC (Maybank Kim Eng Securities TP at ฿218.00/share).


Top 10 Most Impact Shares on October 1, 2021

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