KTB and Government Saving Bank Provide THB25 Billion in Loans to AOT

To cope with a huge negative effect from COVID-19 pandemic, AOT has acquired external funding by borrowing from KTB and Government Savings Bank to be used as working capital for general operations and other purposes

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) announced that the Board of Directors in the Meeting held on 20 October 2021, has resolved to approve AOT’s borrowings from 2 financial institutions, namely Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited (KTB) and Government Savings Bank (GSB), with credit limit of 25,000 million Baht to be used as working capital for general operations and/or implementation of projects or other purposes as AOT deems appropriate.

However, such borrowings from KTB and GSB that are financial institutions, over which the Ministry of Finance has controlling power in the same manner as AOT, shall be regarded as connected transactions in the category of ordinary business support transactions under general commercial conditions.

Since the beginning of 2020, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak situation has created a huge negative effect on air travel, leading to a sharp decline in flight and passenger numbers at all six airports of AOT. Consequently, in the fiscal year 2022, AOT needs to acquire external funding by borrowing from KTB with a credit limit of 20,000 million Baht (Call Loan + P/N + Term Loan) and GSB with credit limit of 5,000 million Baht, totaling a credit limit of 25,00 million Baht.

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