SKY Joins TKC to Take ฿4.34bln. Project as a Provider/Installer for The Royal Thai Police

SKY will hold 49% stake, while the rest will be held by TKC as a leader of this ฿4.34bln. project.

Sky ICT Public Company Limited (SKY) has joined hands with Turnkey Communication Services Company Limited (TKC) or TKC-SKY Consortium as a provider and installer of the Digital Trunking Phase 2 Project to The Royal Thai Police (RTP). The completion date of this project has been set at 580 days from the signed contract date, which is September 5, 2018. Thus, TKC-SKY Consortium has taken the project at 4.34 billion baht in value.

SKY has agreed for 49% stake, while TKC will hold 51% of the total value of this project and act as a consortium leader.


TKC-SKY Consortium working scope:

(1) Procure digital radio network with the highest level of safety and performance for use of police officer’s communication mission.

(2) Procure digital radio receiver and transmitter that supports a modern technology communication network and is able to provide visualization and voice communication efficiently.

(3) Improve and modernize infrastructure of the existing radio communication system and enhance the performance of the police officer’s mission.

TKC is a system integrator of telecommunication company and has a track record as a provider and installer of the RTP Digital Trunking Phase 1 project.

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