BIG Gains Small in 3Q18, Profit Plunges 28% from the Expansion of Mobile Segment

BIG loss almost 28% of its profit in 3Q18, compared to the same period of last year.

BIG Camera Corporation Public Company Limited (BIG) has reported its 3Q18 consolidated financial statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand as follows:

BIG earned ฿94.33 million of profit in 3Q18, decreased 27.91% from the same period of last year due to the launch of many promotion and marketing campaigns during this quarter, affecting BIG’s sale and service revenue to increase ฿64 million, as well as the expansion of mobile segment to plunge the gross profit margin by 16%, compared to previous year.

Moreover, the selling and administration expenses is increased by 9%, from the dumping fund in marketing strategy especially in social media, to stimulate purchasing demand and the increasing of shops rental fee according to the rental contract.

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