DNA Announces a Change in Company’s Name and Symbol to “More Return” or MORE

DNA 2002 Public Company Limited (DNA) has announced that the company will change its name and securities symbol to More Return Public Company Limited (MORE) effectively on February 15, 2019.

DNA or MORE is a public company listed in mai, comprised of 3 main businesses as following;

  1. Retail and Distribution of Home Entertainment products have been operated by DNA 2002 Plc.
  2. Advertising media and Entertainment Business has been operated and managed by a subsidiary of DNA 2002 Plc namely DNA Revolution Co., Ltd. as well as a joint venture investment of the Company namely Smallroom Co., Ltd., Primetime Entertainment and Primetime Solution
  3. Food and Beverage Business has been operated by a subsidiary of DNA 2002 Plc. namely Bun Co., Ltd. managing the bakery shop in the name “Mr.Bun”

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