Internet Erupts after Liverpool Stuns Barca 4-0 in Championship League Semi-Final

Liverpool stunned Barcelona 4-0 last night and now internet trolls are making jokes about what happened last night.

Global stock markets saw a sharp plunge with a red digit overnight. Same goes to the Liverpool’s fans, especially at Anfield last night when the team conjured up four goals to win the semifinal 4-3 on aggregate.

In the game, Lionel Messi, who had scored twice for Barca, created several promising offensive beginnings, but none of his teammates were finishers. Meanwhile, Liverpool pierced the Barcelona defense four times, keep the ball out of its own net and do it all without one of the world’s preeminent goal scorers, Mohamed Salah.


Some media, such as Skysports had given rating for all players in last night’s game, and none of the Barcelona got above 5 out of 10. Even Messi and Suarez only got a 5 while Liverpool’s Alexander-Arnold got a 10.

Media such as Troll Football and 9gag also made some jokes for the match.


The Champions League final, the 27th in its current format and 64th of Europe’s elite-club competition, will take place on June 1, 2019. Can Liverpool’s get a hold of the trophy first time since 2005?

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