The Champ is Back! Liverpool Smashes Home, Beating Tottenham 2-0, Internet Erupts Again!

They never touched the trophy since 2005. They have com …

They never touched the trophy since 2005. They have come a long way, listening to some trash talking along the way while proving the haters wrong by beating Barca in the Championship League Semi-Final. Now, they are at the pedestal, holding the trophy as high as they can. They have never walked alone.

In the game against Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool got the penalty after just 25 seconds in, when Sadio Mane lifted a cross into the hand of Sissoko, and the referee didn’t hesitate. Mohamed Salah got it done to give Liverpool the lead before the third minute of the game.

Liverpool held the line for the next 80 minutes, and 7 minutes later, Divock Origi, who came off the bench scored a left-footed shot in the bottom right hand corner to seal the match.


And of course, the internet erupts again after this win!


Image Credit: 9GAG

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