Thai Stock Market Roundup May 31, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on May 31, 2019

– SET closed at 1,620.22 points, decreased by 1.35  points or 0.08% with a trading value of THB 57.81 billion. Trump announced to increase 5% tariff all of Mexican imported goods due to illegal immigration at the U.S border. However, if Mexico does not have an effective plan, the tariff will be increased to 25% at the highest in October 2019. EU markets declined, as a result of Mexico’s tariff hike.

Foreign Investors net bought 4 days in a roll for a total of THB 18 billion while Institution has kept on pouring since MSCI kicked in.

ICBCT sold 71 million of FSS’ shares, leaving with less than 10% on hand.

King Power” wins the right to operate duty-free in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

EPG was confident in the business growth, “Chaleaw” added 1M. share to the portfolio.

AOT plunged 2.26% which is not enough sentiment from an extension of King Power’s duty-free. However, the share price of AOT does not seem to move in the same direction as investors had anticipated. AOT closed the day at ฿63.75/share, declined 2.75 or 4.14% with a trading value of THB 9,912 million. The plummet might be due to the fact that although King Power proposed higher minimum guarantee, the revenue sharing remained the same.

– The next chapter of trade war, Trump hiked 5% tariffs on all Mexican imports.

FORTH acquired the Integrated Network Management System Project worth THB 237 million.

– King Power conquered twin towers, Duty-Free/commercial area, announcing Revenue sharing Soon.

Top 10 Most Impact Shares on May 31, 2019

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