NCH Invests ฿25m in “Siri Arun” to Operate Intermediate Care and Wellness Business

N.C. Housing Public Company Limited (NCH) approved N.C. Property Management Co., Ltd. (NCPM), a subsidiary of NCH holds 99.99%, to enter into a joint venture agreement with The Care and Health Group Limited Partnership for setting up a new subsidiary to operate intermediate care and wellness business as well as other related businesses.

The new joint venture has established under the name Siri Arun Wellness Co., Ltd. with register capital of THB25 million, consisting of 250,000 ordinary shares, par joint venture contract, and second payment by December 2019, the amount of which will be subject to a proportion of shareholding.

The source of funds is the cash flow from NCPM’s operation. According to the investment, NCH expects to cover intermediate care and wellness business, to expand business opportunities, to increase the source of income for the company from a new kind of business.

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