A Back-to-Back “Circuit Breaker”! Within 1 Minute after the Opening Bell!

A Back-to-Back "Circuit Breaker"! Within 1 Minute after the Opening Bell!

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) enforced a “Circuit Breaker” within less than 1 minute after the opening bell on March 13, 2020, after dopping 10% from the previous closing.


The next halt will trigger after a plummet of 20%, which will halt the session by an hour. After the second stage, SET will continue matching orders until the market closes and no more halted market.

If the trading time remaining in a session is less than 30 minutes or one hour (as the case may be) after the circuit breaker comes into effect, trading will be halted until the closing time of that session, and trading will then resume in the next session.

However, the trading schedule of Cross-border Products that use the foreign stock, foreign mutual fund or foreign index as the reference asset will not have any intermission session, which may result in different recommendation time from other securities.

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