Kaohoon’s Top News on September 21, 2020

– The analyst stated that the Thai stock market would be able to gain some momentum after the youth-led protest for democracy reached its objective without violations and confrontations. However, the market would still move in sideways trends with a resistance level at 1,300 points.

The analyst advised investors to monitor movements overseas, especially the U.S. election, while suggesting stocks with individual positive factors such as AOT, TQM, KCE and GPSC.

– The analyst advised to keep a close eye on the banking sector and non-bank sector in the advancement to the digital-personal loans business, expecting TSICO, KKP, TMB and SCB to gain the most benefit due to their high customer base in loan business. Meanwhile, JMART has also joined hands with its Korean partners to penetrate the market as well.

– The share price of JAS rose 13.39% as Kasikorn Securities recommended “BUY” with a revised up target price at ฿3.56/share, stating that the FCF is outweighed anointing loss while a better monetization from service bundling strategy would benefit the company.

ALL expected an outstanding performance in 2H as the business is entering a high season. The backlog is expected to reach 10,770 million baht, while the revenue in 2H20 forecasted to record at 4,820 million baht.

KTC advanced to the car for cash loan business with a starting interest rate at 0.98% a month or 21% p.a., expecting its portfolio in the loans sector to reach 200 million baht in 2020 and 1,000 million baht in 2021.


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