Two Rallies! One to Solve the Covid Outbreak, and One to Pursue Lawsuits against Outcome!

As the Democratic former vice president Joe Biden, who is now to be elected as the 46th president of America, expects to rally his task force to examine the coronavirus problem in the U.S. as soon as he takes the office in January, the current president Donald Trump of Republican chooses a rally to protest the election results instead.


On Saturday, November 7, 2020, the unofficial counting for the U.S. president position fell to Joe Biden with 290 electoral votes (EV), while the incumbent Donald Trump had 214 EVs.

Ever since before the results were in, Trump claimed that he would take the counting procedure to the Supreme Court as there were reports of irregularities in some counties. However, state officials have yet to act, saying that they are not aware of any suspected events during the election, while the president himself has not produced any evidence on his claim.

Trump’s campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said that they will hold a series of rallies to build support for the legal fights to challenge the election results. Trump also announced teams to pursue recounts in several states.

However, experts stated that his efforts in pursuing a recount or a lawsuit are unlikely to meet with success.


Meanwhile, Biden will make a statement in Wilmington, Delaware, about his plans for tackling the coronavirus outbreak and rebuilding the U.S. economy.


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