Trump Injects $3Mn for Wisconsin Recount, Claiming Illegal Activity without Evidence

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign requested a partial recount in Wisconsin, putting $3 million on the table to cover the cost of the recount request.


On Wednesday, Trump’s campaign stated that it is requesting a recount in WIsconsin for two heavily Democratic counties, which are Milwaukee and Dane. The campaign wired $3 million to Wisconsin election officials to cover the cost of the recount request. According to the estimation, officials are expected to approve and order Thursday.

Trump’s campaign claimed, without evidence, that Wisconsin election officials carried out an illegal voting activity, making Joe Biden to surpass him with more than 20,000 votes.


Trump was taking the lead in Wisconsin in the early race, but the Democrat’s Biden slipped the state to gain a crucial 10 electoral votes and then another 16 EVs from Michigan to tally his votes to 264 at that time, which was way ahead of Trump’s 213 EVs.


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