Kaohoon’s Top News on November 20, 2020

Top news from Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper to start the trading day on November 20, 2020.

– The analyst expected CPF, HANA, KCE, TU and SAT to receive positive sentiment from baht depreciation after the Bank of Thailand’s governor said that the bank would slowly curb the baht appreciation starting today. Nevertheless, the depreciation would result in a short halt of fund flow.

NER is confident that the 4Q20 results will new high, supported from the price of rubber surging and orders in advance are overwhelming, as well as has a chance to record a claim for insurance against the fire coming in this quarter, while set the rubber sales volume target rose to 410bn tons which supporting revenue growth of Bt21-25bn from 2020 that maintaining the target of rubber sales volume 365bn tons and revenue of Bt17.0bn.

– Customers flooded AMANAH for refinancing after the temporary debt -suspension measures expired. The company revealed 47 million baht of excess reserve as NPL is expected to edge lower. Furthermore, the company expected to book around 300 million baht from selling debt to AMC. The analyst was traded at a lower value than its peer, giving a target price at ฿3.80/share.

– FTSE All World will announce its addition today and STGT is expected to be among its additions and be effective on December 18. The stock will also be calculated in the MSCI as well. The analyst expected a fund inflow to the stock around $43 million, while upgrading profit forecasts to 9 billion baht with a target price at ฿140.00/share as the baht depreciation will expand STGT’s profit.

GULF expected an outstanding performance in 4Q20 as the analyst estimated the company would receive higher income from the German’s wind farms due to a high season. The analyst also gave a target price at ฿39.00/share due to GULF’s strong fundamental and its expansion overseas that started to recognizing revenue to push its profit higher.


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