Kaohoon’s Top News on December 24, 2020

TQM reported that the company was able to sell over 1,000 insurance contracts in one day amid rising coronavirus cases, expecting insurance premiums to reach 15 billion baht this year, and 50 billion baht within the next six years. The analyst forecasted the company to record 200 million baht of net profit in 4Q20 with a 40% growth, recommending “BUY” at a target price at ฿68.00/share.

KEX stated the company is ready to trade on SET today, expecting to surge above the IPO price of Bt28.0, reflecting a strong foundation as the leader of the Thai express delivery business. The CEO aims to raise more than Bt8.4bn in capital to expand the business, repay the loan and as working capital to operate a Business.

GCAP joined “NIM Transport,” Thailand’s leading transporter, to establish a joint venture company, providing loans for agricultural and transporting businesses in 2Q21. The CEO is confident that the move will expand its loan portfolio as well as profit.

PTT established a subsidiary “Innobic LL Holding” with a registered capital of 2,000 million baht to enhance PTT’s capabilities in life science business.

GUNKUL revealed that in 4Q20, expected the revenue at Bt700-800mn due to a strong winter. In addition, there is a record income from COD solar farm Vietnam-Malay, coming in another 180 MW in Dec, while next year, the revenue is up Bt9.0bn, supporting the profit growth continuously, while this year, revenue is expected to rise Bt7.8bn.

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