Thai Stock Market Roundup on March 26, 2021

SET Index closed at 1,574.86 points, increased 3.82 points or 0.24% with a trading value of 74.4 billion baht. The analyst stated that SET Index moved in sideways trends, but unable to break the resistance level at 1,580 points due to high valuation compared to regional markets, resulting in a limited upside as the Thai stock market still lacked catalysts. Moreover, the appreciation of the greenback also caused the fund flow to move from emerging markets.

The analyst expected SET Index next week to move in a support level of 1,560-1,555 points and the possibility to break the resistance level of 1,585 points, but might not be able to surpass 1,600 points.

– Institutions and Proprietary Trading made a window dressing for a net buy of 1.26 billion baht as SET Index closed 3.82pts higher.

– Global market could face supply shortage or delay as the blockage at the Suez Canal might take up to a week to clear the path.

– Thailand will reopen “Phuket” in July for vaccinated tourists to recover the economy.

– Telecommunication stocks; TRUE and DTAC, closed lower after the anticipation of 5G license installment relaxation might not be as easy as traders had thought.

PRIME invested 700 million baht for three solar farms in Taiwan for a total production capacity of 15MW. The company revealed that it is expecting to advance in solar rooftop as well.

SAPPE advanced into the hemp business, expecting to grow hemp in ChiangRai. The first production line up is expected to be in September.

– The analyst expected IVF business to drive EKH’s earnings in 2021, recommending “BUY” at a target price of ฿6.40/share.

– DBSVS had a positive view on SRICHA’s new projects, expecting traders to speculate over the news.

– Fitch Rating affirmed ‘A-(tha)’ on IRPC with a “Stable” outlook.

AOT, AAV and BA edged higher as Thailand planned to reopen Phuket for vaccinated visitors in July.

SABUY continued the rally to break an all-time high. The analyst estimated 42% earnings growth in 2021.

– Stocks in Focus on March 26, 2021: HANA (Maybank Kim Eng TP at ฿68.00/share) and MAJOR (Maybank Kim Eng TP at ฿22.30/share).


Top 10 Most Impact Shares on March 26, 2021

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