Kaohoon’s Top News on February 19, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on February 19, 2021.

OR barely got away with a cash balance measure after the share price yesterday closed at ฿30.25/share, prompting P/E to remain below 40x. However, if the price spikes again until P/E exceeds 40x, OR would not be put on a cash balance measure as the trading volume would not meet regulations unless an average trading volume is more than 10 billion baht per day. Analysts reiterated OR to outperform the overall market till Feb 25 when OR entering the MSCI Index. Trinity Securities has given a target price of ฿35.00/share, expecting 4Q20 earnings of 2.9 billion baht, an increase of more than 50%.


 “Mongkol Prakitchaiwatthana”, the second major shareholder of KTC, sold 4.87% of KTC’s the total issued shares to foreign funds through Morgan Stanley, at an average price of ฿65.50/share accounting to 8.22 billion baht, stating no plan for further selloff.


 NER reported a 2020 net profit of 858.68 million baht, an increase of 59.35% YoY and a sales revenue of 16,349.78 million baht, an increase of 25.71% YoY. The Board of Directors approved a dividend payment of ฿0.15/share to be paid on May 7, 2021.


 Analysts expected KISS’s share price on its debut will rise above the IPO price of ฿9.00/share. The company’s CEO targeted a revenue to reach 3 billion baht within 2024. Analysts have given a target price on KISS at ฿11.50/share.


 CBG to report its operating results today, analysts expected a 4Q20 net profit of 880-900 million baht, lower than market expectation by 10-12%. Also, CBG set to announce the acquisition of a license to produce and sell beer.


 IRPC confirmed the performance this year will rebound to profit, signalling a bright earnings in 1Q21 after the petrochemical and refinery business recovered. IRPC had set provisional capital expenditure for the 5-year investment plan amounting to 36 billion baht. Meanwhile, PTT’s 2020 earnings was 37 billion baht, decreasing 59.4% YoY, due to the decline of exploration and production businesses


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