Kaohoon’s Top News on June 25, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on June 25, 2021.

Central Pattana (CPN) is reportedly in the process of acquiring a 29.58% stake in Siam Future Development (SF) from Major Cineplex Group (MAJOR). Analysts anticipate the transaction to close in mid-July. Megabangna is believed to be the primary target of this deal, as it accounts for more than 80% of SF’s revenue. If MAJOR accepts this offer, the company will immediately receive 7,500 million baht in cash.

Analysts reveal top ten foreign investors invested stocks in 2021 including AP, OR, CHG, COM7, BANPU, SCGP, PTTEP, IVL, DOHOME and INTUCH, stating that all mentioned stocks are still upside in share price. While top selling stocks by foreign investors are PRM, BEC, BBL, OSP and BJC. 

The Board of Directors of Sabuy Technology (SABUY) approved the purchase of ordinary shares of T.K.S. Technologies (TKS) in the amount of 73.48% shares with an investment value of 2,005 million baht from T.K.S. Technologies (TKS). Simultaneously, SABUY planned to sell Vending Plus (VDP) to TBSP for a total of 1,020 million baht in order to restructure the company structure with current business trends and customer lifestyles.

Gunkul Engineering (GUNKUL) plans to generate ten billion baht in revenue by 2022, with around 1.5-2 billion baht coming from the hemp business. While anticipating 12 billion baht in revenue from power plant developments in Thailand and Vietnam in 2023. Meanwhile, BANPU continues its rally following a surge in coal prices and a positive earnings forecast for 2Q21.

Yesterday (June 24), the Thai market was in a panic due to the risk of postponing the country’s October reopening as a result of the high number of daily confirmed Covid-19 infections and delayed vaccine distribution plans. Analysts are concerned that if the Covid-19 continues, the earnings of listed businesses would fall. They recommend investing in dividend stocks like ADVANC, as well as stocks with strong 2Q21 profits such as TISCO, HMPRO, and exporting stocks like HANA, KCE.

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