Kaohoon’s Top News on July 30, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on July 30, 2021.

Gulf Energy Development (GULF) becomes the major shareholder in Intouch Holdings (INTUCH) following its acquisition of roughly 30% of the company through the Tender Offer. Investment bankers believe GULF has the potential to own more than 30% of stake, resulting in a more simplified investment strategy, particularly in the satellite business. Analysts propose selling INTUCH and reinvesting in GULF, stating that the investment is worthwhile.

– JASIF recorded a net profit of 1.98 billion baht in 2Q21, up 2.4% on a year-over-year basis and 11.3% on a quarterly basis, and distributed a dividend of 0.24 baht per unit. Meanwhile, DIF‘s net income increased 2.5% to 2.92 billion baht, providing a dividend payment of 0.261 baht.

Total Access Communication (DTAC) shares rose 11.72% on speculation that Telenor is considering a divestment. Telenor Asia, on the other hand, confirmed that it will remain in the Thai market. Analysts place a 25% weight on the aforementioned issue, but place a 50% weight on the possibility of a merger.   

The Siam Cement (SCC) announced an 83% growth in second-quarter earnings to 17.1 billion baht, owing primarily to increased contributions from the chemical business. Additionally, SCC approved the payment of an interim dividend of 8.50 baht per share. Meanwhile, PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP)’s 2Q21 earnings jumped 66% to 7,140 million baht, with a total revenue of 109 billion baht, driven by a 20% increase in revenue from sales and the absence of a “Mariana Oil Sands” impairment. PTTEP offers an interim dividend payment of 2.00 baht per share.

Interlink Communication (ILINK) and Advanced Information Technology (AIT) have established the “INTERLINK and AIT CONSORTIUM” to sign a contract with the Provincial Electricity Authority for the construction of three power stations. The contract is worth 531.70 million baht, whereas ILINK will earn 366.03 million baht as the operator of two power stations, boosting the company’s backlog to 1,300 million baht. ILINK is confident that it will accomplish its revenue target of 6,000 million baht in 2021.

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