MONO Weeps ฿38M. Lost from Mobile Value-Added Service Business Went Down 73%

The consolidated financial statements from MONO revealed that the company has lost 38 million baht from mobile value added service business.

The consolidated financial statements of Mono Technology Public Company Limited or MONO has been published through SET.

The total revenue of Mono and subsidiaries amounted to 696.33 million baht, compared to 640.15 million baht of 1Q18 (3 months), increasing by 56.18 million baht or 8.78%.

The net profit in 2Q18 (3 months) totaled 13.66 million baht, compared to net profit of 19.47 million baht in 1Q18 (3 months), profit decreased by 5.81 million baht or 29.84%.

More importantly, MONO lost 38 million baht of profit in 2Q18 when compared to the same period of 2017 from the amortization of nonprofit assets from mobile value added service business and other businesses.