SET’s Listed Companies Gain ฿551 Billion Profit! 8% Growth from 2017!

The report released from SET shows that the listed companies gain a total of 551 billion baht in profit, while the analysis shows that 2H18 economy will grow even higher.

Listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand reports a total net profit of 551 billion baht in 1H18, an increase of 7.61% from 1H17. The most outstanding sectors are 1. Energy and Petroleum sectors (from a 30% rise in oil price) 2. Services industry, such as Health, Tourism and Logistic sectors 3. Financial industry that gains from Banking and Finance sectors. However, companies need to be more careful on managing fluctuated oil price and exchange rate in the 2H18.

A total of 554 companies out of 582 companies (excludes mai, Non-Compliance and Notice Pending companies) have submitted their second quarter financial statements. According to the report, there are 459 companies (83%) with net profit, a slight increase from 82% in 1H17.

In 1H18, all listed companies combine a total of 5.8 trillion baht in sales, an increase of 7.61% comparing to 1H17, while gaining 550 billion baht in profit, an increase of 7.61% comparing to 1H17. Listed companies’ gross profit margin also increased by 0.33% from 23.16% in the first half of 2017 to 23.49%         

The overview of listed companies’ authorized capital after the second quarter of 2018 is still solid, keeping debt-to-capital ratio at 1.15, the same as the end of 2017.


There are high potentials for listed companies to gain more profit in the second half of 2018 from the forecast of constant economic growth, especially from tourism sector that will attract more tourist in 4Q18 due to its high season. In the meantime, the currency exchange rate will benefit export businesses as the Thai baht weakens to trade at 32-33 THB / 1 USD. Thus, creating the drive to push GDP higher.