MC Invests ฿11M. in Mcmillion to Support E-Commerce Warehouse Management

Foreseeing the opportunity of increasing the efficiency and productivity in warehouse management to support its e-commerce business, MC decides to purchase 45% of Mcmillion’s shares.

MC GROUP Public Company Limited (MC) has been in the process of investing in Mcmillion (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Mcmillion) through its 99.9% shares holding subsidiary, Look Balance Co., Ltd. (Look Balance), which will purchase shares of Mcmillion from Seller at 22,500 shares, equivalent to 45% of total registered capital of Mcmillion, with the investment value of 11.25 million baht.

This investment will increase efficiency and productivity in warehouse management to support the expansion of e-commerce business as well as increase opportunity to further develop retail business according to the vision and strategy of Mc Group and its subsidiaries.

MC’s business is to manage retailing business of apparels and lifestyle under brands owned by the group of companies and other companies. MC will focus on brand management, sales and marketing management, product design, product sourcing, and warehouses and distribution channel management.