Thai Stock Market Roundup January 14, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on January 14, 2019.

PTTEP expanded the business to Abu Dhabi to acquire offshore exploration and production rights.

PTTGC strengthened market base in Vietnam by forming a complete logistic business.

IVL slumped 6.5% from the weak 4Q18 forecast, Maybank recommended “BUY” at ฿67.00/share.

TISCO recorded 15% growth, booked 7 billion baht of profit in 2018 from FX and interest gain.

DDD projected 20% growth in revenue this year from business expansion and new product lineup.

APM shaped up “KTBST”, preparing to enter the market with 16.77 million IPO.

HTECH invested ฿150 million for new machines to increase its capacity by 10-15%.

SPALI asserted the company will reach 35 billion in revenue this year, expecting 34 new projects worth ฿40 billion.

Local institutions plunged the market with a ฿2.72 billion selloff, hammered SET by 14.47 points or 0.91%.

SET closed at 1,582.57 points, declined 14.47 points or 0.91% with 41.5 billion in value. A sharp fall came after a report of Chinese’s December imports fell 4.4% and exports fell 7.6%, indicating the beginning of tariff imposition from the U.S. Analysts believe that the high growth in both exports and imports in 2018 from China was due to the majority of the deals were made before the increment on tariff went into effect.


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