Q-CON Shows an Amazing 9x Growth of Profit from 5bln. to 57bln. in a Year!

Q-CON has reported a splendid growth in 2018, booking over 9x higher than 2017 of profit.

Quality Construction Products Public Company Limited (Q-CON) has reported its consolidated financial statement yearly 2018 through the Stock Exchange of Thailand as follows:

Q-CON and subsidiary have profit for the year 2018 of ฿57 million, increase ฿52 million compared with last year (the year 2017, there was profit for the year ฿5 million.) The main factor of the increase was due to the increase of revenue from sales 13% with the increase from domestic selling price and expansion overseas market.

There are gross margin rate or the year 2018 is 15% and 10% in the year 2017. As the result of the company’s gross margin increased 5% compared with the last year.

In 2018, Q-Con’s cost of distribution and administrative expense ฿209 million and ฿174 million in 2017, compared with last year were increased ฿35 million or 20%. In the year 2018 administrative expenses, including the asset impairments of under construction in Lamphun Plant in the amount of ฿21 million, while the cost of distribution decreases from transportation costs, advertising and sales promotion expenses.

At the end of December 31, 2018, the company has a cash balance amount ฿346 million increased ฿223 million. There are net cash flows provided by operating activities amount ฿268 million net cash flows used in investing activities amount ฿33 million and net cash flows used in financing activities of ฿12 million from dividend payment.

Moreover, the Board of Directors has resolved to approve a dividend of ฿0.06/share to be paid on April 19, 2019. The Ex-dividend date is on March 29, 2019.