Thai Stock Market Roundup May 8, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on May 8, 2019.

SET closed at 1,654.01 points, decreased 15.67 points or 0.94% with a trading value of THB 55.62 billion. All of the Asia stock has been declining during an ongoing trade war between U.S. and China. Chinese trade data has been surprised due to the market slow down and turn negative since March 2019.

Finansia Syrus securities stated that the Thai stock market will have a volatility session again tomorrow as investors awaiting for the result of the trade talks which will be held in Washington on Thursday. Finansia Syrus securities also give a support level at 1,650 and resistance level at 1,665 – 1,670

Asia markets trembled throughout the day after Dow fell 473 points overnight in fear of the upcoming trade talk would not be able to find a common ground between the two parties.

MAKRO lost 7% of profit in 1Q19 at THB 1.52 billion from the previous year which recorded the profit at THB 1.63 billion.

FPT aimed to sell assets worth THb 600 million to FTREIT for business expansion and debt settlement.

ALL debuted first trading day with a jump of 3% to ฿5.05, above IPO at ฿4.90. However, the trade tension between the U.S. and China had pressured investors for a selloff, which caused ALL to closed 1.63% lower at ฿4.82/share with a trading value of THB 1.34 billion.

– Investors poured MTC, sank the share by 6.37% as its 1Q19 profit at THB 1,005 million had lower growth than the consensus.

GLOW lost 27% of profit in 1Q19 as SG&A skyrocketed 207% while sales and interest earned from the financial lease declined 4.3%

TKN announced a 46.4% fall in 1Q19 profit to record at THB 81.3 million from THB 151.7 million in 1Q18 as international sales sank 7.5%

MONO continued to slide by 3% as investors unsatisfied with 1Q profit with a THB 112 million loss

– MPC voted unanimously to maintain policy rate at 1.75% as the company saw slower economic growth.

OCEAN made a comeback to turn around 1Q profit from THB 2.7 million of loss to THB 1.3 million of profit.

– Foreigners dumped China A-shares which gave higher possibility of investing in MSCI Thailand instead.

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