Thai Stock Market Roundup May 10, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on May 10, 2019.

– SET closed at 1648.69 points, increase 1.89 points or 0.11% with a trading value of THB 49.47 billion. Asian markets has slightly recovered while China gained big since afternoon. CNBC reported that the recovery could also be due to markets already pricing in the tariff hike. Meanwhile, sources reported that China state funds announcement of tariff jumped in after the lunch break, when the Shanghai Composite Index dropped 0.4% after being up as much as 2.6% in the morning session. The Dow future rose slightly 12 points.

Institutions and Individuals made a net buy for a total of THB 2 billion, buoyed SET to close 1.89 points higher while Foreign Investors sold for THB 1.6 billion.

UBER raised $8.1 billion from IPO at $45.

– 25% tariffs kicked in on Chinese import products. Still, trade talks continue.

DTAC submitted for the 4th installment extension of 900MHz license.

NMG decided to return the license of its digital TV “Spring 26” to compensate liabilities.

WICE’s profit in 1Q falls 37.5% to ฿11.65 million from higher investment cost and expenses.

– The decrease of GRM and product prices pressures PTTGC to record 1Q profit 48% lower.

ADVANC submitted for extension of 900MHz license, reserved rights to consider 700MHz terms.

COM7’s sales and service revenues increased, buoyed its 1Q19 profit by 43%.

ROBINS’s 1Q19 profit slightly declined from THB 762 million to THB 760 million.

TOP’s 1Q profit plunges 21% to THB 4.4 billion as GIM declined.

SAMART showed more than 10 times of profit growth to THB 200 million.

GLAND’s 1Q19 profit jumped to THB 167 million from THB 73 million.


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