Thai April Exports Shrink 2.57%, Imports Dip 0.72% to Face $1,457M. of Trade Deficit

Thai April Exports Shrank 2.57%, Imports Dipped 0.72% to Faced $1,457M. of Trade Deficit

Trade Policy and Strategy Office Ministry of Commerce (TPSO) has reported the number of the international trade in April 2019. The total of exports value was USD 18,555 million, shrunk – 2.57% which is higher than expected (-2.5%), the imports value was USD 20,012 million, shrunk -0.72%, while the trade deficit was USD 1,457 million.
For all of the 4 months in 2019 (Jan-April), the total value of exports was USD 80,543 million, decreased by -1.86%, the total value of imports was USD 79,993 million, decreased by -1.80 and Trade deficit was USD 549 million.